Sonic 2022 (Echosondeur – Multi BEAMS)

Multibeam Echosounder (R2Sonic 2022)
The best technology in echosounder for bathymetry, the MBES are able to measure precisely
the depth in the same time in different directions. The width of the area where depth is
measured on the seafloor is directly related to water depth at the vertical of the boat. A raw
estimation is five time the depth.

R2Sonic multi-beam depth sounder for surface vessel or ROV integrated

The sonic multibeam echosounder (500m) Sonic 2022, “little brother” of the Sonic 2024 seeded, is distinguished by multiple technological innovations: compactness (13kg) and low consumption, opening up to 160 °, capacity for the operator to change the frequency over a frequency range from 200 to 400kHz during operations (on-the-fly), several modes of use for the same system (standard sounder, avoidance sonar, pipeline tracking, etc. .. .), for unmatched measurement accuracy.

The main performance and features of the Sonic 2022 multibeam sounder:

a very low consumption of 35W;
a maximum range of 500m
the opening, from 10 ° to 160 °, is modifiable during the survey by the operator;
the beam accuracy of 1 ° x 1 °, the resolution being centimeter: 1.25cm.
with the UHR (Ultra High Frequency) option, the beam accuracy is 0.6 ° x 0.6 °.

The compactness of this multibeam sounder opens the possibility of integration on ROV, thus increasing the possibilities of multibeam bathymetry to depths of 3000m.

The Sonic 2022 multibeam echosounder consists of a submerged transmission / reception section and a simple electronic surface box, the “SIM Box” box for the electronic interface with the bathymetric acquisition system (QINSy software, central station). F180 attitude, etc …).

Each R2Sonic multibeam sounder, including the Sonic 2022, includes an inertial center option with GNSS receiver (GPS, Glonass and Galileo), the “Integrated INS” control panel. RTK mode performance:

Roll: 0.02 ° (0.15 ° in post-treatment)
Tangling: 0.02 ° (0.15 ° in post-treatment)
Cap: 0.03 ° with a baseline of 2m between GNSS antennas
Uplift: 5cm or 5%