In situ parameter results are determined for each sampling operation and recorded on the field sheet.

Generally in the field, we use a CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth). It is a cylinder of about sixty centimeters containing pressure and conductivity sensors, the CTD has a thermal probe at one of its ends and is connected to the boat by a cable at its other end.



The CTD (right) and the type of information it provides on the water column (left)

In the laboratory, certain physicochemical parameters (dissolved oxygen, oxygen saturation, conductivity, water temperature, pH) can be measured using a multi-parameter probe such as the HACH Lange HQ40D Professional Device – pH / T ° C / CE / sal / O2 / ORP / ISE. It is a multi-parameter field device with 2 measuring channels. For reliable measurements of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, redox potential, ISE …