All the data are recorder with the best attention to obtain the most accurate charts and to
ensure a continuous quality of our work.
The positioning systems are precise to centimetre in X,Y,Z. We use GPS RTK
(PROFLEX800 or SP60 RTX) for bathymetry to avoid approximative tide corrections and
avoid movement of the boat which can induce errors in the measure.

(Geolocation – GIS & Topo – Geolocation SIG & Topo with centimeter precision)
The Spectra Precision SP80 receiver incorporates the latest generation of accurate satellite position calculation technologies; on the basis of all currently available GNSS systems: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS.The world’s unique “GNSS-centric” function makes it possible to optimally combine GNSS signals without depending on a particular GNSS system; if necessary, the SP80 can operate in GPS mode alone, GLONASS alone or BeiDou alone. This feature allows users of SP80 receivers to benefit from a much more robust RTK point calculation, and available in areas (urban canyon, canopy, etc.) where all other GNSS receivers will have lost centimeter accuracy, will not provide more than a DGPS quality position.The SP80 receiver brings some novelties:Replacing the batteries in the field without interrupting the operation of the receiver, to allow you better productivity;
The reinforced fiberglass case designed to withstand a fall of 2 m;
The waterproof case complies with the IP67 standard;
The patented UHF antenna, integrated in the fiberglass rod, which allows a better UHF radio range while protecting the antenna;
Access to all information (number of satellites, battery charge level, etc …) even in direct sunlight thanks to its new screen.

All these exceptional features make the SP80 the most reliable and powerful GNSS receiver