———————————————- bathymetry / topography- ————————————————-

– TGO, topography software to perform topographic surveys calculations necessary for the realization of polygonation (estimation of errors, determination of angles …),

– Hypack, software for acquiring and processing raw data from the sounder and GPS

– ArcGis (cartography).

——————————————— hydrodynamic modelling — ———————————————

hydrodynamic model MARS 3D

MARS (Model for Applications at Regional Scales) is a community model developed and distributed by the DYNECO / PHYSED team (laboratory of PHYsics and SEDimentology of the DYNAMICS department of Environment COtier) of IFREMER. This computer tool is dedicated to coastal oceanographic modeling, from regional scales to coastal scales (a few hundred or even tens of meters) and includes a strong environmental component (sedimentology modules and biogeochemistry).

-Ichtyiop: Lagrangian transport module

A Lagrangian transport module can be coupled to MARS 3D. It is used for physical (float trajectories) and biological (planktonic larval advancement) applications. The displacement (physical and / or biological) of the particles on the vertical can be simulated. Vertical turbulence mixing is parameterized using Random Walk random walk methods (Visser 1997, Ross and Sharples 2004) and several swimming behaviors can be introduced into the model.